BORCHIAMI is the new ecommerce where you can find studs retail and tools to fix them at best.

Borchiami was realized for all those persons who like and have fun to customize their stuff, and prefer do it themselves than buy ready-made things.

Your old leather jackes is too old and you don't like it anymore?
With some studs punched on, it will be new and shining again!

Our Features:

  • Competitive prices, to make you save some money.
  • Unique products: some of our studs are impossible to find elsewhere.
  • Large stock, photos and tutorials to help you realize all the ideas you could have in your head.

Borchiami is a new website and new products will be added every month! keep an eyes on it, and if you can't find what you really need, don't hesitate and contact us: we will do our best to find everything you need.